Why We Love Free Range Chickens … And Why You Should, Too!

Why We Love Free Range Chickens … And Why You Should, Too!

If you haven’t seen the commercials for Nellie’s free range chickens, you are missing some very funny stuff. They started right here in New England over a hundred years ago and still maintain the best practices, raising free range chickens.


Keeping it Real … with Chickens

Instead of “going industrial,” they remain commited to supplying free range and organic eggs, produced without antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, GMOs or animal byproducts. They also became the first Certified Humane egg farm in the country.

I love seeing companies doing things the old fashion way and not letting the pressures of “industry” change their core values. It’s a family run business and The Dirt on Dirt supports their cause! Way to go Nellie’s and keep up the good work.

Check out their site and enjoy their very, very funny commercials that humorously tell the perfect story.


Nellie's Free Range Chickens

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