Eco-Mite Plus

Got Pests? Not anymore with Eco-Mite Plus

Eco-Mite Plus Botanical Insecticide/Miticide


Eco-Mite Plus™ is a contact miticide and insecticide, derived from botanical plant oils and extracts and available for use on food crops. Eco-Mite Plus controls phytophagous mites, eggs and nymphs and other piercing-sucking insects, including aphids, mealybugs, scale crawlers, thrips, and whiteflies. Eco-Mite Plus™ is available in three different sizes for your convenience.

Not Registered for Sale in the Following States: Alabama, District of Columbia, New Mexico, Maryland, Utah


Use to Control:

Phytophagous mites, eggs and nymphs and other piercing sucking insects, including aphids, mealybugs, scale crawlers, thrips, and whiteflies.

Download Label for a complete lists of controlled pests.

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The Eco-line Difference:
Eco-PM and Eco-Mite Plus are specialty blends of high quality, organically sourced, botanical oils and extracts providing higher concentrations and more effective control. Many of the oils and extracts are distilled in-house to assure quality and consistency.
• EPA Minimum Risk active ingredients allowed for use on food crops
• Formulated to be used frequently without burning
• Same day harvest

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040 -7000 – 32 fl. oz. Ready- to-Use, 040 -7002 – 8 fl. oz. Concentrate, 040 -7005 – 32 fl. oz. Concentrate

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