August is GYO Month at The Dirt on Dirt!

GYO Month

August is GYO Month at The Dirt on Dirt!

In honor of the closing summer and all you green-thumb enthusiasts out there, we’re dubbing August an unofficial holiday: GYO Month!


GYO stands for “GROW YOUR OWN” and celebrates the many benefits of growing your own food (and flowers!). At The Dirt on Dirt, we believe in sustainability and teaching the next generation of gardeners how to utilize what they grow. That’s why we’re proud to help you become a GYO Gardener with a full month of GYO specials.


Join us each week in August for a new GYO surprise, including product specials, giveaways, Q&As with established GYO experts, photo contests, and more! Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for daily updates. Let’s get dirty!

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