Benefits of BioChar in the Garden – Frugal Upstate Review

Benefits of BioChar in the Garden – Frugal Upstate Review

“..Fall is a wonderful time to clean up your garden and add amendments to your soil, giving them a chance to work in over the winter so everything is ready for your spring planting.”

Blogger Jenn at Frugal Upstate gave ARBORChar a try this Fall. Find out more of what she had to say in her post, titled, “Benefits of BioChar in the Garden”!

How can you work biochar into your gardening routine?

You could of course try making your own biochar.  There are tutorials available online.  However creating charcoal instead of winding up with unburned vegetation or complete ash is a bit more finicky than people make it out to be.  Fire has to be monitored, and in many locations you can’t just dig a trench and burn stuff in your backyard due to city/town/village regulations or a simple lack of space and materials.

Luckily, there are some quality biochar products out there, like the Arbochar products from Arbojet.

Arborjet sent me some sample sized packages to take a look at.   The Arborchar products are a premium fertilizer and biochar blend–so you are getting twice the bang for your buck!  They make an All Purpose Grow formula, a Root, Flower and Fruit formula and a Summer Stress formula.

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