Eco-Mite Plus Spray Review: Bloom Where You’re Planted

Eco-Mite Plus Spray Review: Bloom Where You’re Planted

Blogger Anne-Marie Miller loved the Eco-Mite Plus spray that she received, as it was very effective on her tomato plant! She has written a blog post, “Defeating Spider Mites Organically” detailing her adventures with Eco-Mite Plus in the garden. It even includes an Iron Man cameo!

“So how do we defeat this enemy and have a plentiful Fall harvest for all the Super Heroes that might happen by? With essential oils that’s how. I know, you are saying, “Essential oils? What is that even? How will it help my garden? Isn’t it just hippies that use those?” Lucky for you, you don’t have to delve deep into essential oils, because there is a company that does that for you. They even do field tests to see if their product works, and it does! The company is ARBORjET and the product they produce is called Eco-Mite. They have introduced the oils of Rosemary and Peppermint to the Spider mite with great success. Order here: Arborjet 6 by 3-Inch Eco-Mite Control Oil, 1-Quart


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