Humid Weather is Here, Protect Your Plants From Disease Now!

Humid Weather is Here, Protect Your Plants From Disease Now!

Many states in the country are experiencing the hottest weeks of the summer which, in turn, often means high humidity. Elevated humidity levels allow for many garden diseases, like Powdery Mildew, to develop and thrive. Humidity can seriously deteriorate the health of your plants. A lot of times, humid weather means a storm is not too far away. Humid and rainy weather allows plant diseases to thrive. The extra moisture allows the fungi to grow and spread.

How to Protect Your Plants

If you see excessive humidity coming in your local forecast, you will want to preventatively protect your plants from potential disease. Be sure to water at the base of your plants versus spraying the whole plant and be on the lookout for white circles, spots, and browning leaves. Before you even see signs of disease or plant decline, use Eco-1™ Garden Spray to immediately protect and control garden diseases. Eco-1 is made from organic botanical oils which smother and suppress fungal spores. It’s a perfect option for zucchini to phlox and lilac, all susceptible to diseases like powdery mildew.


Eco-1 Garden Spray is also great to use for an immediate knock down of insects and mites in your entire garden. Another option, AzaSol® is an insect growth regulator, using water soluble Neem powder to protect your garden from insects. Did you know these products can be combined to make the ultimate defense against insect and disease in your garden? Using the two of these products together allow for multiple modes of action and make the perfect one-two-punch!


Check out our latest video showing you how to combine these products in a spray bottle:



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