We Share Our Indoor Gardening Tips on Facebook LIVE!

We Share Our Indoor Gardening Tips on Facebook LIVE!

Ready for those plants to come inside? Extend your growing season with these awesome indoor gardening tips from Kristin, Matt and our friends at Little North Farm!


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About Kristin:

As the Product Marketing Manager for Arborjet and The Dirt on Dirt,  Kristin divides her time between marketing, supporting, and developing products for the horticulture industry. From her early days helping her father in the yard, working for garden centers, and professionally managing consumer garden brands since 2010, Kristin brings a wealth of experience to The Dirt on Dirt. In her free time, Kristin is an avid outdoor and indoor gardening expert, artist, and foodie. Nikodemski is a graduate of Salve Regina University.

About Matt:

Matt has always taken the time to stop and smell the roses. His thirst to understand our delicate ecosystem landed him his first job at a greenhouse at age 16. Although, his first task was pulling weeds from under the benches the opportunities seemed endless. Matt eventually became head propagator and managed 6 large greenhouses for 5 years. In addition to traditional greenhouse culture, Matt started a “rooftop garden” business and teaches classes about modern cultivation techniques. Currently, Matt operates the research greenhouse for Arborjet as their Horticultural Specialist. He designs studies, formulates products and travels all over the USA sharing the latest developments in Plant Healthcare. Not only does Matt seek out new products, techniques and information, he gets to educate the community, which he is equally passionate about. The Dirt on Dirt is the perfect place to bridge the gap between research and sharing with others.

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