NASA, We Have a Tomato Problem!

NASA, We Have a Tomato Problem!

MoonwalkIt reads like a scene right out of the Jetsons. George is zipping home from a long day at Spacely Sprockets when he gets a text from Jane reminding him to stop at the local CSA to grab some fresh tomatoes …  from the moon. Apparently this concept has been discussed by NASA and some research scientists. Yep, according to Wieger Wamelink, a European ecologist at Alterra Wageningen UR, he will be researching whether or not it is possible to grow plants on the moon.

“We will then allow certain species of wild plants and agricultural crops to germinate in pots of artificial moon and Martian soil supplied by NASA” said Wageningen.


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Can you imagine the day when we fill the moon or even Mars with plants and crops. I guess when we run out of room here on earth, we hit the solar system. I’m sure there are talks of opening a Whole Foods and Starbucks on the Moon as well. At least Elroy and Judy will have a place to get a Soy Carmel Mocha Martian Latte!

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