Naturally Healthy Fruit Trees — Do the Work Now!

Naturally Healthy Fruit Trees — Do the Work Now!

The Practical Homestead planted three apple fruit trees this past spring, and while they appear to be doing great, they also seem to have “inherited” the fungus that all of their maple trees have. Good thing they have Eco-PM!:


“We have a really large property so bagging and burning all the fallen leaves is a pretty huge task. Even with the new lawn sweeper that Jeff got this year, it may not be easy to control. So, I was pretty happy when I received an email from a PR company telling me about some exciting new products. Eco-PM, from Arborjet, is made from high quality botanical plant oils and extracts for naturally protected plants, these products are safe for use on food crops like my apple trees and the fruit can actually be harvested the same day that the tree is treated. Eco-Mite Plus works on contact against mites, aphids, mealybugs and more. Eco-PM controls powdery mildew, rust, black spot and other diseases.”


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