NutriRoot is My Go-To Product, Says Matt from Gardin

NutriRoot is My Go-To Product, Says Matt from Gardin

Our friend Matt at Gardin told us a little bit about using NutriRoot in his new garden shop! Here’s what he had to say:

“I had a woman who swore it was impossible for her to succeed at growing plants. She told me stories, and I was worried for a second that she was truly cursed with a black-thumb and that I wouldn’t be able to help! I gave her NutriRoot to go with a hanging flower basket and told her to follow the instructions on the bottle. One month later, she stopped by to tell me that the basket was overflowing with flowers! I can’t imagine a bigger success for a garden shop owner than that.

NutriRoot is my go-to product for customers who have never fertilized a plant in their life because it is simple. It is also a product I can confidently recommend under the highest levels of scrutiny from the most experienced gardeners.”

Check out Gardin if you’re in the Weymouth, MA area! And cure your black-thumb (or enhance your green one) with NutriRoot!


Gardin Loves NutriRoot

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