Has Spring REALLY Sprung? Time to Tend Your Spring Garden!

The little surprises we find when we start our spring cleaning

Has Spring REALLY Sprung? Time to Tend Your Spring Garden!

With the first signs of spring, I anxiously run out to the garden and start removing the debris from the hard winter.  I know there are lots of tips and ideas on how to get your spring garden up and ready and they can definitely be confusing. I know personally that some gardeners prefer to leave things cozy and covered longer, and others like myself, who obviously have garden OCD can’t help themselves and start cleaning right away. I got a bit of a surprise this year with 6 inches of snow on April fools day, but nothing saw any damage and it melted quickly. Check out this blog post from Paul James, host of Gardening by the Yard. He always some practical ideas that I can actually understand and even use. We need to get him using biochar and our hort products.

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Regardless of your spring garden, get outside and baby that new growth with some much needed TLC and the rewards will be seen shortly. One quick tip: Be careful how and when you prune certain shrubs, especially Hydrangeas, as each type has different pruning needs. There are lots or resources on the web, so check it out before the shears fly!

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