Two Gardening Matches Made in Heaven! Try These Products Together

Gardening Matches

Two Gardening Matches Made in Heaven! Try These Products Together

This week, we shared two gardening matches made in heaven for your garden! Try these products for the perfect sustainable, effective gardening combo.


Match #1: Eco-1 + AzaSol

Gardening Matches 1

Use our new Eco-1 and an old favorite, AzaSol, together this growing season in your garden to keep pests and diseases from taking their toll! Eco-1 is a result of research and consumer feedback from our successful Eco-Mite Plus and Eco-PM. It is made from certified organic oils and is safe to use both indoors and outdoors on all plant types – even for same-day harvest. It works on contact to control a broad spectrum of insects, mites, and diseases and will be launched very soon. Stay tuned! AzaSol is a water-soluble powder created from the Neem tree. It’s exceptionally potent, yet environmentally friendly, and manages a wide spectrum of insects for all edibles and ornamentals. Plus, it can be used as a spray or soil drench, giving you versatility to fit every situation!

* NOTE: Eco-1 is coming soon! Keep checking back for purchasing information.


Match #2: NutriRoot + ARBORChar

Gardening Matches 2

NutriRoot and ARBORChar are a perfect match to use together in your garden soil! NutriRoot helps roots grow, holds moisture in the soil, and supports soil biology. Pair with ARBORChar, a biochar blend that improves leaf vigor, root and fruit development, and microbiology, to build up your soil for the spring.

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