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What we do in our gardens today affects each of our lives tomorrow.

Welcome to The Dirt on Dirt, where we come together to educate, empower, and motivate others to cultivate their own gardens, provide food for their families, and of course … to get dirty!


The Dirt on Dirt is a collaboration between Arborjet, whose patented “Tree Injection Technology” and formulations have revolutionized how we care for and treat trees worldwide, and a group of courageous garden enthusiasts who enjoy sharing their knowledge about and love of gardening. Seeing the need for truly sustainable solutions, Arborjet developed a line of award-winning horticulture products that have minimal or NO environmental impact. These products provide a perfect foundation for growers to nurture a healthy, thriving garden – and share the experience with us here at The Dirt on Dirt!


Healthy soil grows a healthy garden – and a happier you!

How to create healthy, sustainable growing environments for all types of gardens


Let’s face it. Not all of us have rich, healthy soil, and many don’t have the time or space to compost. And buying bags of soil full of synthetic fertilizers for $4.99 is NOT the solution. Creating a nutrient rich garden takes time and commitment, but the rewards will be long lasting! Start adding in necessary biology like worm castings, which increase microbes and other organisms that live in the soil. Consider using a top grade biochar product that slowly releases essential elements into your soil and retains water. There are lots of great ways to enrich the soil you currently have, and if you must buy those 40 pound bags, make sure they’re fert-free and that YOU add in all the organic goodies on your own!

manage your WATER usage

Improper water management is one of the biggest problems facing today’s gardeners. This invites mites and insects that attack drought-stressed plants. It doesn’t matter your garden’s size – controlling water is key, and how you solve this requires a solid water management plan. Rain barrels, soaker hoses, proper mulching, and organic products that retain water are all positive solutions. High-quality soil supplements containing biochar or vermiculite should definitely be part of your plan. And using a product like NutriRoot during hot months assures water retention.

Have a PEST CONTROL plan

Proper pest control starts with a solid Integrated Pest Management program, or IPM. By understanding your garden’s specific micro-environment, your IPM will ensure you have a healthy yield. First, identify the regional pests that have a negative effect on what you’re planting. Next, track any pest sightings and know ahead of time what your treatment will be. Being proactive will keep pests to a minimum and allow for a healthy, thriving environment. Remember to use soaps and oils made using only natural ingredients, and stay away from any insecticide that is not organic … especially for edibles!

Disease Control and prevention

Just like people, staying healthy is your garden’s best medicine. Fungal and disease issues like powdery mildew, leaf mold, and bacterial blight are very common. Follow these simple ideas for a disease-free garden: Build healthy soil with lots of organic matter. This will provide proper moisture and drainage, as well as plenty of nutrients and microbes that plants need to stay healthy. Add in a soil amendments and help your garden fight off disease! Manage watering. Over-watering your garden during hot months helps pathogens thrive, increasing the possibility for disease. Stay debris-free. Fungi and bacteria grow on decaying organic matter. A little debris is okay, but the less you contribute the better. Check out this article from Organic Growers School for more.

The Biggest Challenges Facing Today's Gardeners

If you haven’t noticed, gardening has changed considerably over the past few years. There are all types of gardens and all types of gardeners! Rooftop gardens are sprouting up in big cities, and now, 50% of house hold gardens are growing food to feed their families. With this incredible growth comes a number of questions, concerns, and challenges facing today’s growers. Here are some of the more popular things home gardeners are concerned about. It’s no surprise maintaining an organic and sustainable environment are on the top!