Time to Freshen Up Your Soil

Time to Freshen Up Your Soil

After the winter, it doesn’t take much to give the soil in your flower beds and veggie gardens a boost. Follow these few simple tips to get the most out of your soil:

To till or not to till

  The first thing we do in spring is START DIGGING! This is not always a good idea. Don’t till too deeply unless you are having issues with compacted soil. Tilling too deep can disrupt existing biology, activate weeds and disrupt the worms!


Let them drink tea

Just like Grandma, your soil loves a nice cup of tea on occasion. Try a nutrient rich compost tea early spring. It can do wonders.


Take a deep breath

Even though Mother Nature does a great job aerating, scratch the surface and add in some ARBORChar. It’s soil’s miracle worker, slowly adding in microbes and nutrients! Keep up on the ground cover. A thin layer of Spring mulch helps with water management and weed control. Also, 75% of the soil’s organisms are found in the top 5cm of soil so keeping a nice thin mulch cover is a good start.


Stop being a pest

If you need to control pests, remember, harmful insecticides and fungicides applied to plants also affect insects and microbes in the soil. Some biology can be eliminated with frequent use of non-organic products.

 Start with these simple ideas and stay away from anything you think will have a negative impact!

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April 16, 2016


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