15 Gardening Gifts for Your Favorite Gardener This Holiday Season

15 Gardening Gifts for Your Favorite Gardener This Holiday Season

Rounding up all gardening gifts! Share the gift of gardening this Holiday with these 15 products. I either own these or want to own them myself, so I think you or your favorite gardener will like them too!




  1. Recycle a Wine Bottle Stake

    Recycle while watering your plants!Gardening Gifts 1

  2. Plastec Outdoor Watering Can

    1.75 gallons, Erganomic design and easy fill. Gardening Gifts 2

  3. Funky Forks

    Add some character to the garden with these funky forks. Gardening Gifts 3

  4. Assembly Home Theia Hanging Planter

    No shelf space? Hang it up with one of these perfect gardening gifts! Gardening Gifts 4

  5. Steel Coneflower Bird Feeder

    Add some art to their garden, and feed the birds. Gardening Gifts 5

  6. DIY Flower Pot Decal

    Custom Flower Pot Decals for the Gardener that likes a little DIY. Gardening Gifts 6

  7. Herb Drying Rack

    Enjoy herbs from the garden all year round. Gardening Gifts 7

  8. Joseph Bentley Garden Trug

    They’ll need gardening gifts to put all those veggies into! Gardening Gifts 8

  9. Honey Badger Garden Gloves

    We of course encourage getting dirty, but if they have a sense of humor, these gloves are sure to please! Gardening Gifts 9

  10. C.R. Gibson Eden Tin Garden Seed Storage Box

    For the organized seed saver. Gardening Gifts 10

  11. Snip-n-Drip Pot and Planter Soaker System

    Keep those pots from drying out and save water. Gardening Gifts 11

  12. Livi Planter

    For the small space or office gardener! How fun! Gardening Gifts 12

  13. Gazebo Tabletop Terrarium

    Terrariums & Copper. Two popular items in one! What’s not to love? Gardening Gifts 13

  14. 65-Gallon Rain Barrel Urn with a Self-Draining Planter

    What else can this rain water urn do? Gardening Gifts 14

  15. Smart Pot

    Will eating vegetables from a smart pot make you smarter? Gardening Gifts 15


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