Benefits of Using a Neem Based Product in Your Garden

Benefits of Using a Neem Based Product in Your Garden

If you’ve been looking for ways to control pests in your garden in a more environmentally way, you’ll see just about everywhere that you should be looking for products that contain Neem or botanical oils.


What is Neem?

Neem is a tree native to India, Azadirachta indica. The use of the Neem tree for its oil, bark, leaf, and flower in India extends for over 4,000 years. Neem is used for skin and dental care, insect repellent, fertilizer and more. Neem oil insecticides are becoming a staple for both independent garden centers and eco-conscious gardeners. The plant contains the active ingredient Azadirachtin, which is a proven natural anti-feedant, growth regulator, anti-ovipositor, and insect repellent. Neem products work by intervening at several stages of the insect’s life. They are especially effective during the larval stages of development effecting nearly 300 insect species.


Neem oil is commonly sold, but in the oil form can cause clogging and burning. Neem oil often has minimal active ingredient. This is why we created the next generation of Neem by isolating out its most active compound, Azadirachtin, and concentrating it into a water soluble powder, AzaSol®.

What makes AzaSol different?

AzaSol provides an exceptionally potent, non-oil based, and environmentally friendly insect control solution. AzaSol is developed using a patented process to derive Azadirachtin in its purest form from the best quality Neem seeds in India. The result is a completely water soluble, exceptionally potent 6% Azadirachtin powder. The benefits of AzaSol’s unique water solubility help make it easy to use and increase efficacy. It is absorbed through both the leaf tissue and roots, so the entire plant is protected. Once absorbed, the product lasts longer in the plant versus degrading in the outside environment.


OMRI listed for organic use, AzaSol won’t burn leaves or block photosynthesis, and you can harvest food crops the same day as treatment. Users can apply this product indoors or outdoors.


Use AzaSol on a variety of plants from fruit trees to delicate annuals for controlling Aphids, Whiteflies, Leaf Miners, Mealybugs, Fungus Gnats, Caterpillars, Beetles, and more.

How do I use AzaSol?

You can spray and/or drench AzaSol. For best results, we recommend re-applications at 7 to 10 day intervals to protect new plant growth and control new generations of insects missed from the last spray.


Check out our latest YouTube videos showing you how to measure and mix two sizes of AzaSol!


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